AICO prides itself on the consistency and quality of our produce and production processes. Our group's agribusiness division applies clean farming practices ensuring that all agricultural products are nutritious, healthy and of superior quality. We are also innovating in the agricultural sector, with AICO’s IT division currently in the development phases of software that will further streamline our agricultural production processes and safe guard against human error. This is in line with our past and ongoing commitment to provide our partners with the quality assurance they have come to expect of our group, and additionally enables our partners to track the progress of our crop cycles in the upmost detail and confidence.
Farm location: Alex Desert Road
Varieties: Kalamata, Koroneiki, Manzanillo, Picual, Local varieties
Lead Consultant: Sobhy Abo-Leila
Farm location: Alex Desert Road
Varieties: Keitt, Naomi, Palmer, Yasmina
Lead Consultant: Sherief Abdel-Razek
Farm location: Minya West Desert Road
Varieties: Early Sweet, Flame
Lead Consultant: Claus Orth
Food Processing
A recent joint venture by AICO is our olive pickling facility, which is expected to yield its first batch of high quality table olives in 2018. Built to stringent industry standards, AICO’s olive pickling facility was established under the guidance and expertise of top consultants in the field to achieve a superior end product.